DPro Healthcare offers their NEW eLearning Portal for healthcare training. DPro Healthcare Training Portal is one of the largest video-based and easiest platforms for training nationally! We have full analytics and sophisticated tracking for ALL users and we archive annually so we track your completed progress for your entire practice at the touch of a button to access!

Protect your practice around Healthcare Training and Non-Compliance for an inexpensive partner rate through our national program!

Make your regulatory and other healthcare training easy! Our Training Portal is all video-based and makes training easy, digestible, and efficient. Some even have opportunity to increase fee schedules once completed.



  • Access to Online Healthcare training – All video based and easy to digest; some available to increase fee schedules
  • Don’t risk major non-compliance fines – Your customers can get their staff trained with annual regulatory updates
  • All training is video based – Videos are much easier to digest than boring Power Point training or live all-day lectures!
  • 10 Major Healthcare training modules available – More than 3 times the normal online training website
  • Most major Regulatory training, like HIPAA and Fraud & Abuse, are available to meet annual compliance – Don’t put your practice at “non-compliance” risk! Some fines are over $100,000
  • Some Healthcare training modules lead to potential increases in Physician Fee Schedules – Enhance your practice, from Compliance, to Regulatory, to potential enhanced Fee Schedules. Training is Crucial!
  • Full Analytics and sophisticated tracking – Track All progress for your entire practice, at the click of a button, with our advanced analytics.



Primary Care, Long Term Care, Acute Care, Physical Therapy

Specialty Markets:
Oncology, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Pediatrics, etc.

Market Potential:
Training applies to ALL physicians and staff who have contact with patients.




  • Is your practice completing your regulatory and other training annually; HIPAA, Fraud & Abuse and others?
  • Is your practice at risk for major non-compliance fines associated with not taking annual training? Don’t risk your practice – use our easy Healthcare Training Portal to comply today!



  • Our Modules are ALL video-based and make training really easy!
  • We have seen over 1 Million page views of healthcare training on our Portal.